Affordability and accessibility are what make Bridgeton a frequent choice for first-time home buyers and busy professionals. It’s large commercial areas provide a good tax base, meaning that city services can be supported without inflated property taxes.

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Though nestled between two highways and an airport, Bridgeton neighborhoods are surprisingly quaint and quite. Homes in Bridgeton include post-war style ranches and newer construction. There are also commercial properties for sale or lease.


Bridgeton has been around since 1794, making it the oldest city in the area outside of St. Louis—though its name at the time was French for “Cottonwood Swamp.” For about a century, the city was a stop on the trail between St. Louis and St. Charles, though its size shrank as the surrounding cities grew.

This changed in the 1950s, which saw a burst of residential construction. Over the next few decades, access to the airport and improved levees made Bridgeton an attractive area for commercial investment and development.


Located inside the triangle of Highway 270, Highway 70 and Lindbergh Boulevard, Bridgeton makes for an easy commute to nearly anywhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Bridgeton is very close to Lambert St. Louis International airport, and has easy access to the MetroLink.


Levee-protected floodplains of the river, together with good access to interstate highways, rail, and the airport have translated into continued growth for Bridgeton and nearby communities, and a diversification of the city's tax base.


Sports are a popular way to pass the time in Bridgeton. The town is proud of its Berry Hill Golf Course, considered one of the finest nine-hole courses in the Gateway section of the PGA. Other parks and clubs offer access to swimming, tennis, and field sports. There are a number of restaurants in the city, plus easy highway access to the rest of the sites in the St. Louis area.


Bridgeton has areas in both the Pattonville and Hazelwood school districts.


Bridgeway Park - Brookford & Haas | Encompasses 11 acres. It has pavilions, a ball field, playground, and tennis courts.

 Carrollton Center - Celburne Drive | Encompasses 10 acres with a ball diamonds, playground, tennis courts, pavilion, concessions, showers, volleyball court and swimming pools.

 Freebourn Park - Gist Road and Willow Lane | Occupies 14 acres with several pavilions, ball fields, and a playground.

Gentry Park - Fee Fee and Ann Mar | This 37 acre park is the home of the Bridgeton Community Center. Hickory Woods Natural Area is a 10.5 acre tract adjacent to Gentry Park that includes a walking trail.

 Hellebush Park - 11408 Oak Street | Eight acres. Kiwanis Lake is located in the park as is a pavilion, ball field, playground, and multipurpose field.

 Matthews Park - Fee Fee and Ayrshire | Offers a pavilion, ball field, and playground.

 O'Connor Park - Bondurante and Hemet | 37 acres in size. It includes a pavilion, ball field, playground, tennis courts, multipurpose field, and multipurpose court.

 Spanish Village Park - 12827 Spanish Village Drive | Five acres in size and offers a ball field, playground, tennis court, pavilion, and multipurpose court.

The Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex | Provides facilities for softball, baseball, soccer and batting cages.

Bridgeton Berry Hill Golf Course - Berry Hill Road | 52 acres in size with a nine-hole course and a clubhouse with a pro shop, concession area, maintenance facility and tourney shelter.


Population: 11,550

Zip Code: 63044

Libraries: Bridgeton Trails

Connect: Bridgeton, MO


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